Install Manual
  1. Registration
  2. Setup
  3. Usage
  4. Log-file
  5. Security
  1. Registration
  2. setup a printer in your system.
          It is very important not to use any filter in spooler !!   
          select "Raw Print Queue" or "Text Only Printer" in printer model.
  3. Setup
  4. select "setup" Menu 
      select your printer model,duplex,optional device.
  5. Usage
  6. lpy
    lpy filename
    lpy --help
    BSD OS(Linux,FreeBSD)
          lpy -P myprinter filename
          lpy -P myprinter -#3 filename
    SystemV OS(Solaris,HPUX)
          lpy -d myprinter filename
    lpr lp 
         lpy -d myprinter -#3 filename (ERROR)
  7. Log-file
  8. Log-directory is $HOME/.lpy
    If you find a "Not_found" file in $HOME/.lpy directory,
    then you must read a "Not_found" file.
    There is a required program name which could not be found in your path.
    edit Lpy/ to change Log-file sizes.
       maxBytes = 600*1024 # Max bytes
       logCount = 6        # log rotate    
  9. Security
  10. edit  Lpy/ to save parameters into a marshal file 
    which can not be read by a man.
        (default)save parameters into a xml file.
         Parm_type = F_xml
         Parm_type = F_marshal