1. SNMP
  2. papers of a2ps
  1. SNMP(PrinterMIB)
  2. Status and device's informtion of a printer which is connnected to network
    are gotten by PrinterMIB of SNMP(Simple Network Management Protocol).
    Error-status,toner-remains,optional-device,etc are found.
  3. papers of a2ps
  4. There is a sample paper-defined file "subprog/a2psrc ".
        mkdir ~/.a2ps
        cp  subprog/a2psrc  ~/.a2ps
    There is a config file for papersize .
    1: edit  /etc/a2ps.cfg  or  /usr/local/etc/a2ps.cfg 
    2: edit  $HOME/ .a2ps/a2psrc
  1. It is slow to start.
  2. If a problem of "lpstat" command occurs, wait timeout.
Finisher is one of optional equipments and
almost not equipped with a Main Output Tray.

If your printer has a optional finisher accessory, 
the device can be used to staple documents,offer a choice of staple positions,
stack,saddle stitch,and print booklets. 

Please refer your printer' manual.