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About lpy
Lpy is a printing tool with GUI interface written in python.

Now many printers have a lot of functions(Duplex,Nup,Staple,Booklets,etc)
and become more smallsized and more inexpensive.
But on Linux(UNIX-like OS) these functions are hardly avaliable.
The aim of lpy is to make your Multifunction-Printer(a optional Finisher) avaliable.
  • independent of a spooler and a application software in user space.
  • Any filter of a printing spooler isn't necessary.
  • a frontend of GNU a2ps that converts a text-file to a PS-file.
  • a printing filter which uses a GS(Ghostscript)
  • written in Python and PyGTK
  • uses SNMP(PrinterMIB) if possible
  • for getting printer informations(Errors and Status)
  • supports PJL commands if possible.
  • Now some PJL commands are supported.
  • available in UNIX-like OS(Linux,FreeBSD and Solaris,HP-UX,etc)
  • News Requirements
    1. Python
    2. version-2.2 and above
    3. PyGTK and GTK
    4. PyGTK: version-2.0 and above
    5. GNU a2ps
    6. File
    7. Ghostscript
    8. Psutils
    9. Convert(ImageMagick)
    10. other
    11. LaTeX: texi2dvi,texi2dvi4a2ps,dvips
      nroff: grog,groff
    This software is published under under the GNU General Public License
    published by the Free Software Foundation,
    either version 2 of the License or any later version.
    Choice of Law
        This license is governed by the Laws of Japan. 
        Disputes shall be settled by Osaka District Court. 
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